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Application Procedure

Summary Overview

Before you begin the application process, you must know your lineage back to a Mayflower Passenger and be confident you can provide complete documentary proof of the lineage.

  1. Contact the Membership Chair to request a Preliminary Application and Proposed Lineage form.Fill out and submit these forms.
  2. Review Application Guidelines and Documentation Requirements (provided by the Historian).
  3. Review Application Worksheet (based on your proposed lineage; provided by the Historian).
  4. Assemble Required Documentation (according to guidelines and requirements).Two photocopies of each piece of documentation are required.
  5. Prepare and Organize your Documentation.
  6. Submit Documentation, Application Fee, and Current Year Dues.
  7. Proofread and Sign Final Application (prepared by Historian).

The SMD-RI Historian will work with you during this process. The Historian will provide you with complete information on the application process including detailed guidelines and documentation requirements.

Time Frame: Generally, it will take five to ten months to complete the application process. 

Application Fee: $100; Annual Dues: $25; Lifetime Membership: $375 (55 & over), $500 (under 55).
Both the application fee and either the current year dues or Lifetime Membership fee are due at the time of application.

For additional information, please send an email to:   membership@RhodeIslandMayflower.org